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Shipping Policy

We attempt to make shipping as easy and affordable as possible, charging simply what it costs to get your books to you, and as such we are subject to changing prices, especially in the case of international shipping.

All orders are intended to be shipped in 2-3 business days, except in cases where circumstances are simply out of our control. We're a small operation (essentially just myself and my wife) so we do our best to be as efficient as possible with the resources we have.

Return & Exchange Policy

If your book arrives damaged, it certainly did not go into the mail that way (unless you ordered a discounted damaged copy that would've been clearly labeled). So if you contact, we will arrange to send you a new book in every case possible.

If your book does not arrive after 7 days from the time of shipping (in the case of domestic shipments) please contact us, and we'll attempt to locate the package or ship you a new one.

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